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My priorities are to stop the growth of government, stop the unbridled spending and to support business in job creation.

When I served in the legislature, I proposed ideas that would help our budget problems with the majority party. They would not allow any discussion on these ideas. It is time for the people to take their government back. We need strong leadership to help get our state moving forward and I intend on being one of those leaders.

Illinois Budget, Spending, and Taxes

In his eight years of service in the Illinois General Assembly, Randy Ramey voted against every measure to increase taxes on the people of Illinois.  He has fought for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget.


Randy Ramey favors relief on corporate, gasoline, and property tax rates throughout Illinois. He has been an advocate to decrease the size, and increase efficiency of the state government by privatizing certain aspects of the state government to reduce costs and improve operations.


To get Illinois working again Randy Ramey believes it is imperative that the harmful tax increases passed and signed by Governor Pritzker must be repealed to provide an economic environment appealing to business so that they can expand, grow, and employ more workers. Workers Compensation should be reformed to bring businesses back to Illinois.


In this time of economic growth throughout the country, Springfield needs to do more to give the people of Illinois the tools they need to get back to work. Randy Ramey is in favor for funding job-training programs that re-train displaced workers to give them the skills they need to be competitive in the work force. Springfield should also provide local businesses that expand and hire workers financial incentives.

Abortion and Reproduction

Randy Ramey takes a firm stance on the right to life. Abortions have resulted in far too many unborn lives being terminated each year in the United States. The Supreme Court has ruled that abortion cannot be restrained but he believes there should be a standard for when life begins, such as when there is a heartbeat. He also believes that taxpayer dollars should not go towards funding abortion and that we should be looking more towards making adoption a better choice.


Randy Ramey supports sexual education programs that teach our children the benefits of abstinence and the use of contraceptives, as well as the dangers of HIV and STD’s. Proper preventative methods would help to control unwanted pregnancies, disease and help reduce abortion rates.


Randy Ramey has fought hard in Springfield to improve our schools. He feels that it is imperative that our educational system receives the funding necessary to make Illinois one of the best in the nation. He believes that Illinois should follow the state constitution and fund at a 51% level. 


Randy Ramey believes that parents should have a choice as to where their children receive their education. Therefore, he supports giving parents the option of education vouchers to send their children to any school they wish. It is also important that Springfield continue to support college bound students and their families by providing more avenues for financial aid to make college more accessible and affordable.

Public Safety

Randy Ramey has been one of the strongest advocates in the General Assembly to give our law enforcement officers the tools they need to keep the citizens of Illinois safe. He has sponsored legislation to protect children from sex offenders and to deport dangerous illegal felons from the country. Randy Ramey is pro-capital punishment.


Illinois’s roadways are in shambles and Springfield must make a stronger effort to repair our bridges and roadways. While in the General Assembly, Randy Ramey voted for legislation to repair and modernize our infrastructure. Back then fees were available to start this process, but where has all the money gone that was intended for this purpose over the last 10 years?

Gun Rights

Randy Ramey fully supports the 2nd Amendment and believes in an individuals' right to conceal carry throughout Illinois. He supports Constitutional Carry (F.O.I.D Cards are unconstitutional) and opposes Red Flag Laws that violate 4th and 5th Amendments. Ramey also opposes banning of magazines regardless of capacity and opposes banning of so-called assault rifles.


Obamacare has cost far more than advertised and needs to be repealed. Randy Ramey feels the best way to lower health care costs is to open up the free market and allow for interstate health insurance compacts. It is also important to take the burden off the doctors and implement limits on the monetary damages that can be collected in malpractice lawsuits.

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