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Family-Pac, the pro-family, conservative PAC Endorses Randy Ramey for State Representative.

Paul Caprio, Family-Pac Director, today announced that the pro-family, conservative PAC has endorsed Randy Ramey for State Representative in the closely contested GOP Primary in House District 45.

Said Caprio, “Randy Ramey is a conservative with broad experience in both state and local government in Illinois. As a State Representative, we believe that he will be effective in fighting the many unfunded mandates that have imposed such difficult financial burdens on local Illinois governments. Randy is committed to stopping the outflow of jobs from Illinois, caused primarily by high State income taxes and high local property taxes. Ramey supports giving parents the option of educational vouchers. Ramey is pro-life and opposes taxpayer-funded abortion and efforts presently before the General Assembly that would take away parental notice when a minor may be considering abortion.”

Randy Ramey opposes any attempt to promote a graduated state income tax, which will further increase the already high taxes for most Illinois families.

Randy Ramey has the character, integrity, and proven ability to make a difference in Springfield for the families of Illinois. Family-Pac strongly supports him in the March 17th Illinois Republican Primary.

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